Monday, November 27, 2006

You may have been surprised recently to see chirk swamped with police officers take heart, this is an initiative set up in Wrexham South by the police inspector responsible for our area Inspector Firth who like the rest of us in our community is totally fed up with the ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour and youth crime and comments made by the police that this operation will go on for as long as it takes are very encouraging.

Our local community beat manager has invited any Chirk Councillor to be in attendance with him any night that this operation continues. We have spoken to one of the councillors who has taken up the offer of this opportunity to witness the procedure, he comments that he is very impressed with the work rate and ethic of the police officers but saddened with the attitude and remarks of some of the young people that he met,the comment that stick in his mind is hearing the young people saying that they are BORED and when we look at the number of organizations that are in Chirk that young people could be involved with to alleviate their boredom we have to ask what is going on.

We have to agree with our governments comments that parents must be more involved with the young people in their charge.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Wrexham Labour


Music Provision Budget CutsOn: 2006-05-26
Several Group Members have been contacted by constituents this week regarding the £121,000 cut from our schools music service and the negative impact it's going to have on our children's development. In response to those concerns we can say we knew when it was proposed, that it would have a devastating impact and we tried to stop them! At the Full Council meeting on 1st March, 2006 despite the voicing of the concerns of the Labour Group as to how the Budget would manifest itself onto the people of the Borough, we were defeated by the weight of numbers of the LibDem/Indie/Tory alliance banding together. Councillor Howard Moysen put forward an amendment which was seconded by Councillor Andrew Bailey. That specifically asked that the £121,000 cut would not be implemented. The vote was as follows: For the amendment as proposed by Councillor Moysen Councillors A.C. Bailey, Paul Blackwell, R.W. Caldecott, Nick S. Colbourne, J.W. Coleman, OBE, Ted George, D.J. Griffiths, G.W. Griffiths, K.H. Hett, M.C. King, Geoff Lowe, M.H.R. Moysen, Colin Powell, D.N. Price, David Rogers, Neil Rogers, Mrs S. Wilkinson, OBE and Michael Williams (18) Against the amendment Councillor David A. Bithell, D. Broderick, MBE, Judith C. Connolly, Gerry M. Craddock, Ron Davies, R. Mark Davies, R.J. Dutton, OBE, F.K. Edwards, M.J. Edwards, T. Alan Edwards, Terry Evans, Mrs June Fearnall, P. Jeffares, R. Alun Jenkins, A.G. Jones, J.A. Kelly, KSG, Lloyd Kenyon, Mrs J.M. Lowe, M.G. Morris, Paul H. Pemberton, R.D. Prince, Mark Pritchard, Aled R. Roberts, I. Roberts, Mrs. J.M.B. Roberts, Christopher M. Stubbs and Malcolm Williams (27). Abstained Councillor P.M. Shone (1). The amendment was accordingly defeated. The vote on the proposed Budget was then put to Council and the Labour Group was defeated by 28 votes to 18 with no abstensions. You can read the full minutes here: Council Minutes..1st March 2006 Wrexham MP Ian Lucas was fully supportive of the Group's position in the matter and as well as writing to the LibDem Leader of the Council, has circulated a leaflet detailing the dangers of the cuts. It stated "Children who show musical talent currently have the chance to start an instrument in school for free. This is something that must NOT be thrown away lightly. In other council areas the numbers of children learning instruments in school dropped dramatically when they introduced charges for instrumental lessons. Charging for music lessons will discourage many parents from allowing their child to start, especially if there are several children in the family. Even with free lessons and free loan of an instrument, there are hidden costs which parents already pay, including strings, reeds, music books and examination fees of around £30 per exam." Find out where your Councillor stands and get them to support our Music Service! <-- Go Back

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You will recognise the names of some of the concillors on the list above who voted for these cuts.
These cuts of £121,000 are out of a budget cuts of £650,000 from the education dept.

Before the vote was taken these people should have educated themselves to discover the value of peripatetic music teaching within the county borough to realise the opportunities and life skills that come to our young people from playing a musical instrument. Teachers of music give up their evenings weekends and holidays to assist young people to shape their lives.

The Liberal alliance ruling group on Wrexham County Borough supported by the Independants
know the cost of everything BUT THE VALUE OF NOTHING.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to Chirk Labour Party's new blog

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